Welcome, I’m so glad that you are here. Are you feeling lost or disconnected from the joys of life? Maybe struggling in relationships or your job? I would love to help you along your journey to feeling whole and connected to your inner purpose and sense of wholeness. Sometimes finding the words to describe why you are seeking therapy are hard to find. Let’s work together to identify your strengths and build on them. To heal from the past so that you can be fully in the present.

My areas of focus are PTSD and Complex PTSD. Other instances of trauma are life events that may not seem disturbing to someone else but you are having difficulty integrating into your life.  Let’s work together to heal, gain new perspective on your strengths and foster resiliency.

I believe grief work is an integral part of therapy. And life! Grief can be related to death or many other parts of life and is often a key piece of effective therapy.  I am honored to support my clients in their grief and healing.

It is my hope and my passion to be able to help you:

To feel whole

To experience the richness of being alive

To feel connected

To find your truth

One sometimes finds what one is not looking for.

~Alexander Fleming


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